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Association of Bartenders & Sommeliers Singapore - History

From the beginning ...
In 1986, a group of beverage managers initiated a meeting, and with them a shared vision to form an association for the bartenders in the industry. Despite their heavy commitment at work, they still meet up and the objectives were written and the most exhausting procedural constitution was drafted. It was not all that easy with obstacles to clear but the association's name was selected and applied. The office site came from the blessing of the Singapore Hotel Association which has since been the main reason for the exsistence of the association. Recruitment of members was done and the Management Committee was formed.

Go ahead... Association of Bartenders, Singapore (ABS)
In 1987, the formation year of the Association of Bartenders, Singapore, a $10.00 registration fee was paid to the Registry of Society to formally register the association. The Singapore Hotel Association assisted by donating $500.00 to our kitty-bank in support of our newly formed association. The restless association barely in its first year was already involved in the international scene. The ABS then applied to join the International Bartenders Association (IBA). All ground work was done and the association invited the late Mr Yoshiaki Sa wai from Japan who was then the Vice-President (Far East) of the IBA. Mr Sawai's trip down opened the association opportunity in its admission into the IBA.

In December, Mr Jason Long, the first President of the association, accompanied by Mr Derrick Lee, Honorary Secretary, attended the IBA Congress in Rome, Italy. The ABS was formally accepted by the International Bartenders Association whose President then was Mr Michel Bigot. The association have until today a big "THANK YOU" to the late Sawai San for his valuable assistance in getting the association into the IBA. Once again, 'ARIGATO, SAWAISAN'.

Note: The Association was renamed 'Association of Bartenders & Sommeliers Singapore in 2007